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Inserting a smiley in Microsoft Outlook 2007

Save the animation to your computer by right-clicking on the animation and select "Save Image As..."
Remember where on your computer you saved it.
In Outlook, click "New" to start a new mail.
(Make sure that you have selected "Rich Text" or "HTML" by looking under the "Options" tab in the mail window. If "Plain Text" is selected you can't add any pictures to the mail.)
Start typing your mail. When you want to insert an animation, click the "Insert" tab and then click "Picture".
Locate the animation you saved on your computer and double-click it.
Voila - the picture is in your mail. (Actually, only the first frame shows but it's still the whole animation.)

A simple way of adding animations to your email

Use "drag-and-drop".
Start typing your mail.
Open a separate window for Millan Extra.
Locate the smiley/animation you want to use.
Click the animation and without releasing the mouse-button, drag the animation across to the window with your mail.
Release the animation in your mail.

Using smileys in your Blog

When you go to create a new post, click the "Edit HTML" tab.
In Millan Extra, click the animation you want to use.
A small pop-up will open.
Use the first link (it should begin with <a href>).
Copy the link (rightclick > copy or click Ctrl+C).
Go back to your post and paste the link (rightclick > paste or click Ctrl+V) where you want the smiley to appear in the text.
Click "Preview" to see how it looks.

Cancel the Membership

How you cancel the membership depends on how you paid in the first place.
If you paid through Paypal, simply log in to your Paypal account. Go to your "Preapproved Payments" page, In the list, click on the merchant "MillanNet". On the next page, click "Cancel Subscription".
If you paid via Amazon Payments, log in to your Amazon account. Look up your latest payment and cancel the subscription.
If you paid with a Credit Card, and I will cancel the subscription for you.

Rules for Message Boards and Forums

If you are a forum moderator you can now add up to 50 smileys for your members.
My only requirement is that you add a link to in a prominent spot on your site.
Please don't add more than 50 animations. I will find out ;)