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Millan.Net F.A.Q

How do I save a gif to my harddrive?

If you're on a PC:
To download gifs/pictures, right-click on the image, then click on "save picture as" (or some similar expression).

If you're on a Mac:
Click and hold your mouse over the image/gif. Follow the instructions.

I run a school/church/nonprofit website. Can I use your images?

Well, you need to ask me first. The general rule is, if you make money from your website or from working on your website, I should (in all fairness) get paid for my work.

I like one of your gifs but it's on a white background. Can I make it transparent?

Absolutely not! Altering a copyrighted animation without the written permission from the copyrightholder is illegal. If you need a custom-made animation, please Contact Me!

I want to include one of your gifs in a signature. Can I do that?

Well, if you mean adding a gif to a mail alongside your signature, then sure :)
However, some people write their names in my animations or add my images to their signature files. To be able to do that you need to alter one of my original animations and that is in violation of my "Terms of Use". Apart from it showing disrespect for my work, it is also illegal!

Can we exchange links?

I don't participate in link-exchange programs. And neither should you. It hurts the fairness of search engine rankings and can negatively affect your page rank.

Can we advertise on MillanNet?

Sure. As long as you represent something that is in line with the general theme of MillanNet. for a discussion.
A simple way to get your ads on MillanNet is to go through Google AdWords - something I recommend warmly.

How do I unsubscribe from your Newsletter?

If you're talking about my personal Newsletter, "Millnews", then just follow the "unsubscribe" link at the top of the newsetter.