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About Millan.Net


I first created MillanNet back in 1996.
MillanNet is a showcase of my Animated Gifs, Flash Animations, Smileys, eCards and Cartoons.

Most of the material on the site is free for personal use - with some restrictions:

Millan Extra is a password protected area of the site.
A membership costs US $8:95 for 6 months and will give you access to some 7,000 smileys and animations not available in the free areas of the site.

All eCards are under an exclusive license to, Inc. and can not be displayed anywhere, except on MillanNet and Care2, without prior written permission.

All Cartoons are syndicated by Bulls Press. If you're interested in publishing my cartoons, feel free to contact them for further information.

I also don't allow anyone to build collections of my material or use anything for commercial purposes. Please see the Terms of Use for more detail.


I was born and grew up in Sweden but have lived in the US since 1999. I currently reside in the beautiful city of Las Vegas, NV.

My day-job is as Vice President of eCards for, Inc. - a company I co-founded in 1998.

Originally a syndicated cartoonist and author of a couple of childrens books, I've been animating since the mid-90s.