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Terms of Use

The Animations and Images on MillanNet are the property of Camilla Eriksson (hereafter "Owner").
All Animations and Images (hereafter "Content") within are copyright Owner.
Visitors to MillanNet may use the Content only for their personal projects, such as personal websites and emails.

Under no circumstances may the Content be used in commercial and professional projects, websites, presentations or commercial e-mails without the written permission from Owner.
Please note that I generally regard schools, churches and other non-profit organizations as professional websites.

By using the Content, you agree to place full credit and a link to MillanNet when Content of mine is publicly displayed, such as on a web site.

As a user of my free content you may not:

  • In any way make MillanNet Content available for download or distribution, or give permission to download or save MillanNet Content from your website.
  • Use the Content to promote immoral, scandalous or obscene works.
  • Remove frames, comment blocks, resize, optimize or in any other way alter any Content downloaded from MillanNet.
  • Use MillanNet content in online collections or galleries.
  • Add more than 20 MillanNet animations to any website.
  • Use any Content as Electronic Postcards or as part of any commercial Tell-A-Friend or Pass-It-On service.
  • Use any Content in connection with any Mobile Content service, as MMS, SMS, Logo, Animated Screensaver, Wallpaper or any other supported format, commercial or non-commercial.
  • Add any content to collections offered to members of Forums or Messageboards.

Any violation of my Terms Of Use may result in a revoked permission to use Content from MillanNet or, in severe cases, Legal Action.

If you have any questions regarding the Terms of Use, feel free to me or check out my FAQ!